32. Section overview

In this final section, we’ll use Python to implement the worked examples from section 3, Bending of Reinforced Concrete. In doing so, we’ll end up with two Jupyter Notebooks, one that calculates the required area of steel reinforcement for a given beam and loading specification and one that calculates the moment of resistance given a cross-section specification.

We’ll start by implementing worked examples 3, 6 and 9, which focus on calculating the required area of steel for a given design moment. Together these will make up our first analysis notebook.

Then, we’ll focus on examples 4, 5, 7 and 8, which are slightly more complex to implement. We’ll build our analysis notebook, bit by bit, progressively increasing the complexity as we go.

The aim of this section is not necessarily to produce a notebook that can handle all possible combinations and permutations of rebar arrangement and section shape. Instead, this section acts more as a demonstration of what’s possible and helps to get you comfortable transferring from pen and paper calculations to code-based calculations.

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